Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to Kuching

I'm finally back in Kuching to end the year 2010 after a really adventurous year. For the first time I have traveled so much. Overall, I have actually spent 54 hours in the plane this year. Awesome!! It's only the beginning...

Kuching hasn't changed much. Same old weather. Hot and humid. I'm back to sweating after showering. New shopping complexes coming up and lots of new shophouses. More good places to eat of course. That's what Kuching's about. And of course one of the most drastic change I've seen is the Kuching Waterfront. No more old wet market. Instead it's more parks. The view now is so much nicer compared to the one before.

As for the people it's still same old same old. Having seen and lived with all kinds of people from different parts of the world, I think the people still have a lot to learn. Typical. Just this morning, a woman opened her car door and dropped some rubbish on the road right in front of my shop. Such a PIG FACE. Why do that when there's a big green bin right next to her car!!

People using the phone while driving is among the worst things to do on road. Just this week, I've seen more than 10 drivers doing this. And these drivers drove like shit, which is why I looked at them and saw what they did. And with the I-phone nowadays, I think it's gotten worse. One of those drivers not talking on the phone but he was looking at his I-phone and scrolling. In Spain, you can't even use the bluetooth handsfree. As long as there's any earphone or phone at the ear, if you get caught, you'll be fined. But here. Handsfree allowed also don't want to use.

Aite.. I got to go.

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