Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to Kuching

I'm finally back in Kuching to end the year 2010 after a really adventurous year. For the first time I have traveled so much. Overall, I have actually spent 54 hours in the plane this year. Awesome!! It's only the beginning...

Kuching hasn't changed much. Same old weather. Hot and humid. I'm back to sweating after showering. New shopping complexes coming up and lots of new shophouses. More good places to eat of course. That's what Kuching's about. And of course one of the most drastic change I've seen is the Kuching Waterfront. No more old wet market. Instead it's more parks. The view now is so much nicer compared to the one before.

As for the people it's still same old same old. Having seen and lived with all kinds of people from different parts of the world, I think the people still have a lot to learn. Typical. Just this morning, a woman opened her car door and dropped some rubbish on the road right in front of my shop. Such a PIG FACE. Why do that when there's a big green bin right next to her car!!

People using the phone while driving is among the worst things to do on road. Just this week, I've seen more than 10 drivers doing this. And these drivers drove like shit, which is why I looked at them and saw what they did. And with the I-phone nowadays, I think it's gotten worse. One of those drivers not talking on the phone but he was looking at his I-phone and scrolling. In Spain, you can't even use the bluetooth handsfree. As long as there's any earphone or phone at the ear, if you get caught, you'll be fined. But here. Handsfree allowed also don't want to use.

Aite.. I got to go.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back in Aus

I'm back in Aus... after three good months in holy Spain. But I think only my body has reached Melbourne.. My brain is definitely still in Spain. Wandering around or even just sitting in the apartment in Girona.

I can't believe I actually spent 2 whole days just to travel to Melbourne. Reached Barcelona airport at 7 a.m on Thursday and reached Tullamarine airport in Melbourne at 10.30p.m on Friday. But it was ok for me because I used Qatar Airways. It definitely is a good airline especially for long distance. The shorter distance is average for me but the long distance plane is REALLY GOOD!! The plane itself is comfortable. Spacy and the seats are not too hard. It's even better when you sit by the window because you can lean on the sides. Totally comfortable..

Then there's the entertainment screen. So many different entertainment you'll never get tired. I actually managed to watch some of the latest movies like Grown ups and Marmaduke. So, all I did is sleep eat watch.. then sleep again. 14 hours of flight doesn't seem long for me.

As for the service, it's awesome. The air stewardess are all pretty and they smile all the time. Probably that's why they are pretty. Like they say, smiles improve one's look. And there are 3 meals altogether on the bigger plane. Pretty good meals especially the cream cheese cake for dessert. And throughout the flight, you can actually ask for fruits, sandwiches or drinks. Not bad right??

Qatar Airways also allow you to have a connecting check in of your luggages although the gap between two flights are like 6 hours. How good is that?? That's the thing I like because I don't have to take my luggage out, wander around the airport for a few hours, and then check in again... like AirAsia. The ticket price for Qatar is not expensive either. It's definitely not as cheap as AirAsia but it's reasonable.

I'm not promoting Qatar Airways or anything here. It's just my opinion

Anyways, I'm still settling down in Melbourne. I've gotten used to waking up early in Spain it's automatic for me here too. 6a.m and I'll wake up without the use of alarm. Hmm... I realise I've never used alarm at all too... in Spain as well. Although I sleep like a pig, somehow I can just wake up like that at the right time. I think I used the sunlight as my alarm clock. Once there's light, I'll wake up. I've tried closing all the curtains and as expected, I didn't wake up on time.

I don't really know what I'm doing here now though. No classes and still looking for jobs. Should have gone straight back to Malaysia or just stayed in Spain... I want to stay longer in Spain!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye to Spain =(

It's been quite a while since I've last updated. Been really busy with different things. I'm still in Spain but SADLY I'll be leaving Spain on Thursday which is in two days' time. OH WHY SO FAST!!!

Well, I've just had the best night in my life last night. My supervisors (since they have all supervised me throughout the three months and I've spent the most time with them); 4 of them, and my supervisor's cousin, which is also my housemate have actually organized farewell dinner for me. How lucky am I yea? It's good enough I manage to get a training in Spain but I also managed to have great great people around me, leading and guiding a noob wanderer in Spain. I think that's one of the reason why I love Spain so much.

And it's not just a regular dinner. It's a surprise dinner.. HAHA!! how cool is that!! I would be really happy if I had regular farewell dinner or lunch with them but again, they actually spent some time organising a surprise dinner. And it definitely is much easier for them because they communicate in a different language. But of course, with my eavesdropping ear and my nature of extreme curiosity, I did find out a little bit earlier before the dinner =D. But I'm still surprised because I don't know who would be attending.

So, we had dinner at this very famous Catalan restaurant in Girona.
Pictures of famous people who ate at this restaurant
This restaurant sure have got delicious local cuisine. Well, if you don't know how Catalan food is like, below are a few famous ones

It's not Catalan if there's no Jamon
That rounded thing is rice with pork blood

Underneath, there's baked potato with eggs

Botifarra or something like that... which I love very much!!

And of course all kinds of dessert to choose from.

I've always controlled myself from drinking too much but last night, I let myself enter into the next level of drinking. Well, it's Spain so it's stupid not to do it. Ok.. let me explain how people drink here in Catalunya. First, before dinner, we have a glass of beer. Then during dinner we had red wine.. three bottles of wine for six people in a meal. It's like half a bottle for each person. Then after meal, we had shots of some local alcohol which I don't know the name. I was given four shots. It's like a three course drink where there's appetizer, main and dessert drinks..

Beer and wine together?? Now who's the better drinker huh...

My first shot ever in my life.. =D

I don't know the name of this. It's vodka similar but locally made.

My supervisors and my housemate..THANK YOU!!!
Which one is my housemate??

And after dinner, I went to a bar with the rest of my housemates and had another bottle of beer. Then we're supposed to go to another place but I was already wasted so we headed home.

I'll be BACK IN SPAIN SOON!!! It wouldn't be the last!!